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Top 10 Characters That Can Currently Beat Luffy

In various anime, power scaling and power creep are two very common things. The heroes get stronger and stronger as

Clayton Krause Clayton Krause

The Best Characters in One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 After Onigashima Update

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 just had a rebirth in interest thanks to the new DLC three years later, but

oladimeji Brown oladimeji Brown

One Piece: What is Laughtale?

The final island of the Grand Line, only ever seen in the past eight hundred years by the Roger Pirates,

oladimeji Brown oladimeji Brown

Catarina Devon: Tales of The Crescent Moon Hunter

What can we say about Catarina Devon; the strongest woman from Impel Down? Recently, we discussed the strongest women in

Clayton Krause Clayton Krause

One Piece Brings History and Mystery in Loguetown Arc

Gold Roger was born and executed in Loguetown, the final island before the Grand Line. A central figure of One

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My Hero Academia: What is Deku’s One for All?

As Izuku Midoriya and the students of Class 1A pick up the pieces and begin to plan their counterattack on

oladimeji Brown oladimeji Brown

Battlebit Remastered is the Best War FPS Since Battlefield 3

Okay, so Battlebit: Remastered on Steam isn’t Roblox, but it was made to be a simplistic tribute to the FPS

oladimeji Brown oladimeji Brown

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