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The difference between Live Action Nami and Anime Nami

Live actions are known to be the bane of any anime fan’s existence - especially when they’re not made in

Clayton Krause Clayton Krause

Worst Changes In The One Piece Live Action, Ranked

Let’s face it: One Piece is a wildly popular anime with a fanbase that still can’t decide whether they like

Clayton Krause Clayton Krause

One Piece: The Process Behind Casting Netflix’s Luffy

When it comes to Netflix live actions for popular anime series, it is often a fail or fly situation. So,

Clayton Krause Clayton Krause

Behind The Development of Arlong in The One Piece Live-Action

Arlong is one of the most dangerous enemies that Luffy faces in East Blue. He is also a memorable villain

Clayton Krause Clayton Krause

Fights Fans Are Looking Forward To In One Piece Live-Action

With the One Piece Live-Action show already moving towards a second season, there are plenty of things fans are looking

Clayton Krause Clayton Krause

New Characters We’ll See In The One Piece Live-Action Season 2

Season One of the live-action One Piece series is well acclaimed. So everyone wants to know more about season 2.

Clayton Krause Clayton Krause

Everything We Know About One Piece Live Action Season Two

When a show as popular as One Piece has such massive success in a Live Action adaptation, it’s safe to

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