One Piece Gets Tricky in Long Ring Long Land Arc!

Straw Hat Luffy and his pirate crew made sea-fall from the Island of Skypiea in the last arc, and more strangeness is around the corner. They have plenty of treasure in tow now, along with new Dial tech from the

Ross Tyson 14 Min Read

Sube Sube no Mi: One Piece’s Slip-Slip Devil Fruit

Michael Jackson would be impressed by the Sube Sube no Mi in One Piece. It makes for one smooth… you get it. Moving on. The Sube Sube no Mi, like all Devil Fruits, bestows its consumer with a remarkable power

Clayton Krause 9 Min Read

Captain Jaggy: Who is Eustass Kid in One Piece?

The story begins in the Grand Line, where the sea never stops raging. With fury it splashes and instills fear in the heart of many - "don’t come any close", but the man of the iron will doesn’t fret. The

Ibrahim Ajibola 12 Min Read

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