Sym Hellish

Sym has been drawing, animating, editing, and writing for years. He has been writing his own stories and views on things he finds interest in since elementary. Also receiving numerous writing nominations and awards throughout high school, he is an experienced writer in animated and gaming media. Starting from Sailor Moon on Toonami and Driver on PS1. Over the years, Sym's knowledge of most things involving media grew, from obscure cartoons to hidden gems in anime and gaming. Almost nothing makes him happier than talking about the things he loves to people willing to read/listen, especially on the topics he thoroughly enjoys. Gaming, cartoons, and anime have been significant if not the biggest influences on his life influencing the work he puts out. With his Associate of Science in Film &. Video/Creative Writing, and currently getting his Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation at Full Sail University. He aims to turn to earn a living through creating.
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